Summer 1958 1948 - Color Photo
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Many years ago (before color film and computers), a couple by the names of Joe and Anna Penxa were instrumental in creating my love of the Pigeon River Country. Distant relatives of mine, their love of trout fishing and the Pigeon River Country somehow found it's way to me through camping trips on the Pigeon with my parents. A unique couple, Joe was a Detroit cop who spent his summers camping and fishing the Pigeon, Black and Sturgeon rivers, and winters tying flies and building split bamboo fly rods. Anna cooked pies and tended to the daily chores of a homemaker. I can only guess when some of these photos were taken, probably the 1940's to 1950's. I still use several of Joe's Pflueger Medalist reels and handmade fly rods. Dale Clarke Franz, in chapter 15 of his book "The Pigeon River Country", tells a nice story about Joe and Anna, and the bad mushrooms Joe mixed with too much beer! I wish I could have appreciated what they knew while they were still with us.
The Pigeon River Country By Jim Hanus
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